Downtown Municipal Parking

Directions to

Concord’s Downtown Municipal Parking Lot

Just off Keyes Street in downtown Concord, behind the storefronts on the north side of Main Street (Route 62), is a capacious municipal parking lot (capacious, at least, if you’re an early riser). It extends off both sides of Keyes Road and most of it’s free, although there’s metered parking along the perimeter closest to Downtown. For events focused on Concord Center, the Lot is a good place to meet and, hopefully, to park.

Getting there is very much the same as getting to the North Bridge, but simpler. The Lot is easily found by taking either Routes 62 or 2A to the rotary/obelisk in Concord Center, going ‘round and ‘round until you spot Main Street (Route 62) heading west through downtown, then taking it and driving a long block to Keyes Road on the right. A few tens of meters along Keyes Road and you’re there.

If you’re coming from the south or west on Route 62, Route 126 (Walden Street), Sudbury Road, or any of a number of other sneaky possibilities, sooner or later you’ll run into or find yourself on Route 62. From Walden Street, go left and then take the next right … Keyes Road.  All the other routes bring you into downtown on Route 62 from the west. In this case Keyes Road is a block toward downtown from the intersection of Route 62 and Sudbury Road (marked by Concord’s library), on the left.

From Route 128/95

Take Exit 29 for Route 2 west toward Concord. Drive about four miles to the lights where Route 2 bends sharply left and the Cambridge Turnpike continues straight ahead. Take the Turnpike and continue along it 1.3 miles to its intersection with Route 2A (Lexington Street), and turn left toward Concord. Drive 2A to the downtown rotary (marked by an obelisk, the Colonial Inn, and a collection of churches), from it take Route 62/Main Street west to Keyes Road, turn right, and (attempt to) park. MapQuest estimates the driving time from Route 128 to the Lot is 18 minutes.

Representative total travel times calculated by MapQuest (ignoring traffic delays) for transits from local starting points via this route are:

 From the Burlington Town Hall  ........... 23 minutes

 From Lexington’s Minuteman Statue ..... 23 minutes

 From Winchester’s Town Hall .............. 38 minutes

 From Weston’s Town Hall ................... 26 minutes

From Lincoln, Wayland, and parts of Weston too

Avoid Route 128 like the plague; instead, take Route 126/Walden Street to downtown Concord, turn left at its intersection with Route 62/Main Street, continue a block to Keyes Road, turn right, and hunt for a spot in the Lot.

From Lexington, Burlington, and maybe Winchester tooBecause traffic in Concord Center is pretty horrendous in the early morning, try circumventing it this way: take Route 225 west from Bedford and, shortly after crossing the Concord River, turn left onto Skelton Road. Follow Skelton a quarter mile or so to the stop sign at its intersection with River Road. Turn left on River Road. Stay on it as it wends its way past horse farms, climbs a hill where a brand new castle’s going up on the right, descends, crosses the Concord River, and very soon after passes the North Bridge and a little later reaches the downtown rotary at the Colonial Inn. Go about a third of the way around the rotary and turn right on Route 62/Main Street. Keyes Road is a long block down on the right.

*** Good Luck !!! **

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