Weston's Burchard Park

 Directions to

Weston's Burchard Park Playing Fields

 and College Conservation Area

Just below the Campion Center, a startling baroque structure appearing suddenly out of nowhere at the top of a sharp rise on Concord Road, its gilded dome seemingly more suited to a Bavarian landscape than to a suburban woodland just a little northwest of downtown Weston, lies an extensive conservation area with co-located playing fields. The parking area associated with this area and these fields is your target. To get there from:

Route 128/95

Take Exit 26 for Route 20 (Weston Street) west and drive it a little over a mile until the Boston Post Road bears right and Route 20 forks left. Turn right onto the Post Road and stay on it for about 0.7 miles, passing through downtown Weston and out the far side, where Concord Road intersects from the right. (Note: If you miss the Post Road, keep going to School Street, turn right on it, then left when it intersects the Post Road in a block or so). Go right onto Concord Road, up and over the railroad tracks, about 0.8 miles to the fork where Concord Road bears left and Merriam Street enters from the right. Stay left on Concord Road. Before long you should note a small pond on the right and almost immediately thereafter a prominent sign marking the newly constructed (and paved!) entrance to Burchard Park on the right. (You may remember it from past visits as a bumpy dirt road, but the whole thing’s transmogrified into a twenty-first century sports complex).  Take this entrance road. Keep going to the parking area when it comes up on the right.

Should you, by unlucky chance, miss the park entrance road, you will immediately begin climbing until you reach the Campion Center. If this happens, turn around and come back down!

From Lincoln

Take Weston Road to Route 117 and cross over; the roadway changes its name to Merriam Street on the south side of 117. Drive down Merriam until it intersects Concord Street; there’s a stop sign at this intersection. Turn right onto Concord Street and put into effect the terminal navigation instructions given above.

From Wayland

You have several options, depending on where you live. One is taking Route 126 to Glezen Lane, then following Glezen east as it morphs into Sudbury Road and finally into Concord Road. The latter happens within a stone’s throw of the Campion Center. Drive past the Center, down the hill, and turn left onto the Burchard Park entrance road (keep a sharp look out for the sign marking the entrance; it faces away from the direction you’re going).

Alternatively, find route 20 and go east, taking the Boston Post Road as it bears left in Weston Center. Then left on Concord Street and, as above, over the tracks, left at the fork with Merriam Street, and right into the parking lot just after the pond. MapQuest suggests this route, and claims the driving time from Wayland’s Town Hall to the parking lot is 17 minutes.

From Wellesley

Easy! Take Weston Road north from downtown Wellesley; it quickly reinvents itself as Wellesley Street, but don’t let this deter you from sticking with it all the way to Route 20. When Wellesley intersects Newton Street, bear left at the intersection with Newton Street. Newton forks immediately, facing with you with a decision to take the left branch (School Street) or the right. Choose left onto School Street. Cross over route 20 to the Boston Post Road, turn left, and go west through Weston no more than half mile, passing the Common and Town Hall on your right, to Concord Road. Turn right onto Concord Road. Cross over the railroad tracks and proceed as indicated above. Mapquest thinks this will take a half hour.

From Weston

Exercise left to the student.

For those navigating to the start with MapQuest or a GPS system:

265 Concord Rd, Weston, MA 02493 or N 42 22.773 W 71 19.055

To contact us call 978-808-0900


*** Good Luck !!! ***

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